Secret techniques to import million of records into Odoo in SECONDS!
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What you'll learn

  • Techniques to import external data into Odoo fast

  • Using XMLRPC Standard

  • Using Direct SQL

  • Using Stored Procedure PL/PGSQL

  • Automating the Import Process

  • Filtering Record to Import

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what is this course about

Do you have Odoo implementation cases to regularly import a huge amount of data from external data source like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc? I meant, very huge, like million of invoices or journal entries record per day ?

Using the common standard way, the Odoo's XMLRPC and ORM, this process can take hours, if not timeout, while we are taking a few cups of coffee as Odoo suggests :)

This course explains in detail about techniques to improve the data import performance, starting from data source query, processing in Python, and processing in Odoo Database (PostgreSQL) to achieve a drastic performance increase, that was previously taking more than 10 hours to only seconds! Yes, seconds.. how can it be ? Is that possible ? 


And we have implemented this technique in many implementation cases where Odoo's default mechanism is no more capable to handle that million of records per day!

Enjoy !


Odoo Addon Fundamental

Odoo XMLRPC Fundamental

Python Language

SQL Fundamental

Who this course is for

Odoo Developer

Odoo Consultant

Odoo Implementor

Odoo Official Partner

Secret techniques to import million of records into Odoo in SECONDS!
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12 May, 2020
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