Practical Tricks to Create your Custom Odoo Docker Image
Udemy Course: How to dockerize your custom Odoo in simple steps


So, you have reached at a point to implement Odoo not in the default standard way.. Where your Odoo implementation has required many instances running in parallel and can't be handled with a single or two servers anymore.. And the decision is to utilize Docker, as it can be scaled and managed easily as the client request increased dramatically.

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Docker will reduce the complexity of implementing a software system that requires many supporting subsystems, libraries, external program, where sometimes a small difference of minor version or setting can cause the whole system failed to work.

Docker will solve the ‘it works in my laptop’ problem we commonly face while working with developers.

I will teach you how to start creating your custom Odoo Docker Image, begins with running the official one that we got from Odoo, then tweak it to suit your needs and start generating your custom image. Direct to the point, not that much theory.

Then I will also teach you how to integrate your custom image to a Github repository (Gitlab works as well), so that every commit to the repository will automatically create a new image version..

Or, when you need to pull the repository on every docker container restart..

Or, when you need to clone the repository on every docker container restart..

I will teach you all of those practical things step by step, no need for any prior knowledge of Docker, just a little bit of Linux standard commands.

Please also check my other course on how to manage the docker containers in Kubernetes environment to achieve the autoscaling and zero downtime for our Odoo instances.

Hope you find this course useful for you daily jobs.

See you soon on the class!

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Practical Tricks to Create your Custom Odoo Docker Image
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15 June, 2020
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