Odoo Indonesia | Mounting Local Addon Folder
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Odoo Indonesia | Odoo Docker Course | Mounting Local Addon Folder | How to Make Custom Odoo Docker Image Part of our Udemy course on How to Make Odoo Custom Docker Image What you’ll learn: How to create custom Odoo Docker Image How to embed your custom addon into the image How to run the custom image using docker and docker compose How to link custom image generation to a GitHub repository How to make your image pull or clone GitHub repository on restart Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? Linux Basic Commands Odoo Installation Who this course is for: Anyone who want to explore docker and Odoo as the case study Anyone who want to implement custom Odoo Image on top of Docker Odoo consultant Odoo developer Odoo consultant Online training schedule check: http://indonesia.odoo.com/odoo-training JANGAN KLIK INI: https://bit.ly/3biXWMc DON'T CLICK THIS: https://bit.ly/3biXWMc Check my Udemy courses: http://udemy.com/user/akhmaddaniel Check by blog: http://indonesia.odoo.com Check Official website: http://vitraining.com Check my FB: http://facebook.com/TrainingOdoo Twitter: https://twitter.com/akhmaddaniel
Odoo Indonesia | Mounting Local Addon Folder
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30 May, 2020
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