Keanehan Odoo Parameter web.base.url
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Pernah nemu parameter web.base.url berubah reset sendiri ke nilai awal, apa itu IP address server atau domain server tanpa port... ?

Ternyata di coding nya Odoo memang ada perintah untuk nge-reset parameter tsb...

Di file odooc/odoo/addons/base/res/ baris 466:

def authenticate(cls, db, login, password, user_agent_env):
        """Verifies and returns the user ID corresponding to the given
 ``login`` and ``password`` combination, or False if there was
 no matching user.
           :param str db: the database on which user is trying to authenticate
 :param str login: username
 :param str password: user password
 :param dict user_agent_env: environment dictionary describing any
 relevant environment attributes
 uid = cls._login(db, login, password)
 if uid == SUPERUSER_ID:
            # Successfully logged in as admin!
            # Attempt to guess the web base url...
            if user_agent_env and user_agent_env.get('base_location'):
                    with cls.pool.cursor() as cr:
                        base = user_agent_env['base_location']
 ICP = api.Environment(cr, uid, {})['ir.config_parameter']
   if not ICP.get_param('web.base.url.freeze'):
                            ICP.set_param('web.base.url', base)

 except Exception:
                    _logger.exception("Failed to update web.base.url configuration parameter")
 return uid

Jadi kalau login sebagai admin, Odoo berusaha nge-reset nilai web.base.url dengan environtment base_location si admin, yang bisa berupa domain maupun IP address local server, kecuali kalau kita set parameter web.base.url.freeze dengan True.

Jadi solusi supaya web.base.url nggak ke-reset, cukup tambah parameter web.base.url.freeze dengan nilai True.

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Keanehan Odoo Parameter web.base.url
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16 May, 2020
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